yo ranch brand

Since my family’s printing shop was in downtown Kerrville, a block over from the home of Captain Charles Schreiner and within sight of both the Schreiner store and his eldest son’s home, I think I’ve always better understood the part of the Schreiner family story that took place in town. His three surviving sons, Charles IV, Walter, and Gus, along with their families and Louis’ family, are all actively involved in managing the YO Ranch today. Other properties were divided among the children. We are happy to announce that we are planning the 2021 Spring Auction. At their headquarters above Harper, Gus Schreiner, Captain Schreiner’s son, found that most of the cattle his family had purchased were branded “YO”. Land leaves its imprints upon the people who care for it, manage it and live on it, just as surely as these people leave their mark on the land. Spend the day relaxing at our beautiful pool. On October 5 of 2015, nearly 5,400 acres of the historic Y.O. She admitted her lack of knowledge of the ranching business and sought and received advice from many quarters – from a loyal and smart ranch foreman, Mac Hyde, and later his son Clarence, and from her late husband’s brothers, especially Gus, a rancher, and Louis, a banker. The YO came into the Schreiner family in 1880, when the Taylor-Clements Ranch was purchased by Charles Schreiner; the YO brand became part of the deal. When the first local cowmen reported profits from gathering herds of the wild cattle and driving them to markets in Kansas, few in Kerrville believed them. Walter is an interesting character. Then the Great Depression hit. Terms of Use. We have, in those few files which survived our print shop’s 1995 fire, samples of newsletters, stationery, and brochures; I remember reading them as a boy, wondering about the ranch which was so close to Kerrville, yet so far away. That story starts with Captain Charles Schreiner, of course, but includes a University of Texas football player who graduated from law school, a resourceful widow, and a man who bloomed where he was planted, playing the hand he was dealt with style and character. Y.O. For those new to the area, the name is pronounced by saying the names of the letter Y and the letter O, not slurred together to say the word “yo.” (Mo-Ranch is completely different, where the sounds of the letters “M” and “O” form the sound “moh.” These ranch names are one of our many local shibboleths.). In 1922, Walter Schreiner met Myrtle Barton, a Texas girl from Blooming Grove, and brought her to the YO Ranch as his bride. was constant, and where cowboys, horses, and cattle were at home. Charlie III, as he was called far and wide, is important to the story in many ways, but I admire two specific items. Then, about the time Franklin Roosevelt was taking office in 1933, Walter Schreiner died unexpectedly, leaving the YO Ranch to his widow, Myrtle, and his young son, Charles III. Steakhouse claims its true Texas heritage from the internationally known Y.O. Ranch Headquarters. Headquarters is a perfect location for adventure challenges, group challenges, and cooperate events. In 1917, toward the end of his life, Charles Schreiner divided his assets among his children -- five sons and three daughters. First, he was a student of history and a collector of historic items, particularly items relating to Texas and the legendary Texas Rangers. Under Construction Visit Y.O. legend, out past the edge of sidewalks and street lights, where hard work. Whether you are looking for a day trip to meet our famous giraffes and other amazing wildlife or a weekend adventure in one of our beautiful cabins – we offer true Texas hospitality. According to Neal Barrett Jr.’s book, “Long Days and Short Nights”, published to celebrate the centennial of the YO Ranch at the Taylor-Clements Ranch, Gus Schreiner “found the cattle there were already carrying the YO brand. It has found a home there ever since.”, The brand, which features a “Y” connected atop an “O” started out on the property of Taylor and Clements, but has found its way to mark many other types of property and enterprises. Living here has made me as much a Texan as I could possibly be. In the mid-1960s, Charlie III and his friend Ace Reid came up with the idea for a modern-day trail drive, covering the same routes as some of the drives of the late 19th century. Growth continued on October 19, 2018 with the purchase of an additional 5,784.22 acres. Ranch Steakhouse: Safe, Private Dining in the Heart of Dallas, Sweet and Savory: The Best Desserts for Your Steak Dinner. As of this date unless circumstances change due to COVID, we are making plans to have a great sale this Spring! It was during Myrtle Schreiner’s stewardship of the YO Ranch that an unusual lease was signed with one of the oil companies, a $3500 lease from Petty Geophysical Engineering. Ranch is home to 60 species of exotic wildlife including giraffe, zebra, rednecked ostrich, emus, onyx, rhea, and water buffalo. During Charlie III’s tenure, more emphasis was placed on the YO Ranch as a destination. There is another part of the Schreiner story, and it takes place in a nearby setting. brand was first used on the Texas gulf coast in the 1840’s by Youngs O. Coleman of the Fulton Family Ranching Empire near Rockport.

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