woozi being teased

The adventure with all these boys begin…. you’re complaining about how the water at your dorm isn’t running well? Life isn't a walk in the park, Y/N had to find out the hard way. You are a modest, multi-talented prodigy given the chance to spend the last half of your highschool year with the up and coming famous k-pop boy group SEVENTEEN as something of a housemaid and chef (if wanted to) for a reality TV series. … pls tell me what you think!) teasing him is fun tho “woozi, you got me feeling woozy.” “….you’re lucky that I even remotely like you.” VIDEO GAME DATES!!! Living with Seventeen! hhh I finally got the time to sit down and finish up some drafts for the next two weeks so yay me! SEQUEL TO JUST HIS HAIR STYLIST You being insecure of your weight. But I didn't and I proved them wrong. It's embarrassing. also, I’m not sure if you guys actually read my authors notes (not that I mind lol, I just wonder if it’s necessary for me to write it everytime? Woozi; Dino - Freeform; non-au; kpop; Fluff; Romance ; Summary. Add to library … :). playing with your hands out of the blue, pretending to break your neck, “….you’re lucky that I even remotely like you.”, kissing him on the cheeks out of nowhere just to have him splutter, trying to get his attention and him complaining about it and telling you to stop but he secretly likes it, not the best at conveying his feelings verbally but there was this one time he gave you a cd w/ a handmade cover filled w/ songs that reminds him of you and even some original tracks he wrote just for you, having hundreds of pictures of him sleeping, once dozed off during an argument and almost made you cry, which gets solved easily bc it’s easy to win this guy over with food and you can’t possibly get angry for too long when he’s got thousands of love songs readily at his disposal at all times, becoming his muse and him writing so many songs about you, bc you make him feel so in love that he felt like he could write enough love songs that will last him centuries, appreciating (and judging) music together, but also dragging him out of the studio bc, trying to get his attention when he’s hyper-focused on finishing his tasks. Humans and Magics stay to their own sides and obey the barrier's purpose - but when that barrier is broken and its purpose is lost, you're dragged into something much bigger than rule-breaking. BTS X SVT | When a switch up happens between two lookalikes, what's the least that could go wrong? Woozi had left to Busan, his hometown where he was born and raised. will they get along ??? That only Asians can become idols in Korea. You laugh and push him playfully only for him to grab your hand to keep his balance. S.coups Jeonghan Joshua Jun Hoshi Wonwoo Woozi Mingyu Dk The8 Seungkwan Vernon Dino, I’d rather be hated, than be nothing at all to him. You work at a local chocolate shop in Korea and your little sister is a MAJOR Seventeen fangirl. Y/N is a shy girl she gets bullied in school this year they get any gender roommate when she finds out who her roommate is she was shocked read to see what happens between Y/N an ???

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