why does my cat hate me but love everyone else

for some cats to really be fully used to new cats in their lives, so I think it’s too early to worry that he’s a one-man cat.

By the end of the first week, I had to kick him out of my room at night.

Don’t worry though, any fear and any bad behaviour can still be fixed – just switch up how you deal with it.

Maybe there’s an injury from another cat, a scratch or something on her body? He thinks you're the dominant creature and fears you. It could be down to wearing strong perfume, smelling like a cat he or she is not a fan of, even stealing attention away from “favourite” humans is often enough to make a cat seem like he or she resents you, when it really just comes down to that cat wanting more attention. He was friendly and confident in his home when I met him, and lived with 2 other cats. To make matters worse a few days ago we unexpectadly ended up with a new kitten. Did another human come house sit while you were gone those two weeks?

You might not be able to turn them into best friends, but you should be able to get them to the point where there’s peace, and your first cat, Sabrina, gets back to normal with you.

I have interacted with her before and my mom and I took care of her for a month a year ago. The first two days I had him, he was calm and extremely cuddly. They tend to be the first ones to initiate interaction with humans, taking their sweet, sweet time doing whatever it is they please — chasing lasers, sleeping, being a complete jerk to you — before they decide you deserve their attention.

Keep me updated, and if you can think of anything else relevant, such as what time of day she typically lashes out, or if there are stretches of time she doesn’t, what usually happens around times she’s more aggressive toward you, for example, do leave another comment letting me know.

Try getting them to interact with her at the same time as you. just bites me enough to leave an imprint. Cats often freak out when placed in a new location where they have to once again establish their territory.

Why Would My Cat Hate Me? What makes a cat keep to one human, all but ignoring everyone else? If your first cat is not going out of her way to pick fights with the kitten, that’s a step up over my Avery, who was actually picking fights with my second cat, Bjorn. but he has not dug his nails on me or anything like that.

He won't let anyone touch him in any of those areas because it hurts him.

A kitty cam study in Athens, Georgia showed that cats kill larger numbers of wildlife than previously thought, taking the lives of two animals per week.

I don’t think this is tortitude at all. I know most cats go about their day to day lives looking and acting like everything’s completely normal even if they are a little ill – until they’re in severe pain and/or really ill, and only then will it be sort of like a switch where their behaviour immediately changes and they show a lot of agitation and aggression. I got it home and put it in the bathroom with the cat box food and some toys to get it use to the house without all the chaos of our dog and cat.

I had to cut a hole in the wall to get her out. My clinic sees a couple of these cats (hand-raised, only bonded to one person, turn into demonic furry death balls around anyone else) and the only success we have had is with various psychotropic medications. Hmm, this is an odd one, especially since cats can usually recognize people by their smells and not just the sight of them, I think her behaviour is a little strange.

It really hurts me knowing that I did something that he won't forgive, and not even knowing what I did. How else would they win the Internet with millions of cute videos and pictures? > How to Get Two Cats to Get Along: What I Did & Yes, It Absolutely Worked.

So, i just got a new little kitty and my old cat is not very happy at all. he does this things where he holds my arm with his paws and doesn’t let me go while his mouth is on my arm or hand. Sounds like you are already doing quite a lot in terms of helping her adjust, so I completely empathize. Hissing at you without instigation (without you having done something that might have bothered your cat first).

I agree with you. I have high anxiety and was looking for a companion and throught rescuing a shelter cat would be perfect. We took two babies from friends who had to move to a non-pet friendly place. I’m crossing my fingers for you too! Middle-aged women were the most common victims (shocker). I don’t understand why she’s behaving like this. Then you both left for a weekend, and he was probably pissed off – not at your parents (which explains why he was behaving normally with them), but at you guys for disrupting his routine and momentarily abandoning him. My girlfriend moved in with me (and my lodger out) 6 months ago, and between June and the end of October my girlfriend worked from home. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/248577935_Experimental_evaluation_of_attachment_behaviors_in_owned_cats, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4558093/, When the cats were with their people, they tended to be.

. Hello, I agree that he’s probably catching a whiff of the other cat. Sure, some owners will say their cat delights in ice cream or chocolate, but that can be attributed to the fat and other elements in the food. However, following our return, he has reverted to hiding in and urinating outside his litter-box and has started hissing and growling at BOTH my girlfriend and I. well it happened again and I got up quick and turned around since I wasn’t facing him and well he looked scared and shocked.

This section isn’t at all about cat hate, but I’m guessing many who feel their cats hate them will actually be in this boat instead.

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