vw tdi engine codes

copyright 2020 club veedub | Audi A6 was fitted with the BVG BNA BRF BLB BRE & A4 BVF(120) BVG (121) BNA(136) BRF (136) BLB BRE (all Bosch 140 without DPF). Early Beetle and Transporter engines made before 1965 did not have a letter code, but rather just a consecutive number. This list shows all Volkswagen engine codes used around the world from 1947 to the late 2000s. For example, the famous VW 1200 ’40-horse’ is actually 34 hp DIN (40 hp SAE). SAE was an ‘ideal’ figure, disregarding all ancillaries like fans, pumps, generators, alternators, etc. Privacy Policy | ‘Layout’ describes the engine design. Fuel indicates P = Petrol engine, D = Diesel. This practice was officially discontinued when Australia converted to metric measurements in 1973, although both were used together for a number of years afterwards. Therefore, DIN hp figures are lower than SAE figures. Note that there are many similar engines with different codes that have been used in other VW Group vehicles by SEAT, Skoda or Audi. Then, if required, T = Turbocharged, S = Supercharged, … Then, if required, T = Turbocharged, S = Supercharged, or TS = Turbo-supercharged (twin-charger). Note that up to the early 1970s Australia used the American ‘SAE’ horsepower figures, which are not the same as DIN horsepower. AZV 134 bhp without DPF filter Bosch 3. I = In-line; F = Flat (boxer); V = Vee. These have not been included (we are a Volkswagen club and you have to draw the line somewhere). These are listed here as beginning with ‘1’, even though the highest non-letter engine number in practice was 9800000. The DIN figure is a ‘real world’ figure that includes the ancillaries and represents the actual power delivered to the flywheel. For further details, or for information on current or new VW engines not listed here, please consult your local Volkswagen dealer. powered by siteflex | 1. BMA 13… This listing is sorted numerically, then alphabetically. Engine power outputs are given in both kilowatts (kW) and DIN horsepower (PS), the current European standards. The engine capacity is given in cubic centimetres (cc). Early engines are usually rounded off – such as the 1192cc engine listed as a 1200 – but modern engines give the exact figure. BKP 140 bhp without DPF filter Siemens VDO Piezo injectors 4. Please note that not all of these engines or VW models were sold in Australia, and the ones that were may not match the range of European dates. The number of cylinders is given. The dates listed are the calendar years in question, NOT the model year. No date in the ‘To’ column indicates that the engine is still in production according to recent references. The number of cylinders is given. The number of different engine codes has increased dramatically since the air-cooled era, with dozens of new codes added each year. design by solutions outsourced | Pre 2008 engines are PD EA 188 (Pumpe Düse) based and given a BKD, BKP (Mainly in the Passat) or BMM, BMN, BMR and BRD engine code. Sitemap, Supersprint Supplementary Information 2012. tdi: 100: aau: 1,1: 33: 45: 4: 10/90-07/94: polo: aav: 1,3: 40: 54: 4: 01/91-07/94: polo: aaz: … BKD 140 bhp without DPF filter Bosch 2.

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