tarap drama story

Celebrities Spotted At The Opening Ceremony Of Spice Of East Gulberg, Danyal Zafar Is A Desi Version Of A Disney Character, Romance at Reindeer Lodge Cast 2020 in Real Life, Sadia Khan is Looking Stunning in her Latest Bridal Makeup Shoot. TARAP Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Khurram Iqbal and directed by Misbah Syed. Tarap, (Yearning) is a latest Pakistani drama currently being aired on Hum Tv. TARAP Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Khurram Iqbal and directed by Misbah Syed. Here we are with the review of episodes 3&4 of Tarap. He seems in love with Zunaira’s personality when he reads the published copy of her novel. 10 Pakistani dramas that address bold topics and social issues! Adil notices Laeeq’s incoming call on Zunaira’s phone and enquires about the caller. Haniya is attracted to her friend’s cousin and meets him at her sister’s wedding. It depicts how much authority does Adil has over his family members that even his grandmother fears his opposition. We had a feeling for Adil’s wife as she had to become a scapegoat. Hiba Bukhari comes out as the bechari but since it’s her Tarap, she might stay in that zone till the last episodes. Be it his scenes with the beautiful Nausheen Shah or with their daughter, Babar Ali is on top of his game. So far, we have witnessed three families whose connection will be the thing we hope to see in the coming episodes. TARAP Drama Review Story so far cast includes Hiba Qadir , Baber Ali, Beenish Chohan,Faiza Gillani ,Laiba Khan, Lubna Aslam ,Farah Nadir ,Saji Uddin & Others. 10 Best Romantic Comedy K-Dramas to Watch, 10 Best Romantic Korean Dramas You Won’t Miss. There is another sister Hania (Laiba Khan) who is the rebel of the family and with the arrival of the typical second wife (Beenish Chohan), Hania’s character is gearing up for a battle. His tone is full of contempt. After the introductory episodes, it is the time for some real action as the tone of the drama has been set. The clueless Nani with just one expression and dialogue, and the handsome Jehanzeb Khan with the same problem help the sinking ship sink faster. Hania alleges Zunaira for being so submissive and instigates her to speak. TARAP Drama Review Story so far The audience is left speculating as to why she is so bitter towards him and how both families are connected. On the other side, Laeeq apprises Zunaira of recent developments about publication. The dialogues of Adil are strong-worded whenever he dictates his family. In a hurry, they send Faris to bring Hania back. Zunaira meets Faris to inform him about the publication of her novel. Later, she again comes to repeat her warning to Zunaira. Must be hiding from the viewers to make a grand entry in the coming episodes! Adil shows his wife no mercy and pushes her out of the house snatching her child. Required fields are marked *. The production of the drama has been outstanding so far. Faris’s sister dislikes Adil and his family whereas Adil does not like Faris as we witnessed in the first episode. We notice that Laeeq is the same publisher whom Zunaira’s friend had suggested. Tarap is a story of hardship, sacrifice, and love which shapes the characters and plot. It features Syed Jibran Hiba Qadir in lead roles. Let’s hope for the best for Saleem Meraj’s sake because he is not the kind of actor who would play such minor characters at this point in his career. It is interesting to see that Zunaira fears Adil but still is pursuing her dreams. Meherposh (Episode 1) – An Emerging Masterpiece or a Generic Love Story. While Zunaira tries to publish her debut novel. Zunaira’s phone conversation with a friend reveals that she has written a novel but does not find the courage to publish it considering Adil’s reaction. She gets more annoyed and prevents her brother from talking to Zunaira and turns her away from her door. The supporting cast include Baber Ali, Waseem Abbas, Nausheen Shah and Saleem Mairaj. Laeeq is heartbroken yet again after Faiqa dismisses his wish for a long drive. Likewise, Hania’s contention is portrayed effectively. Rabia feels herself helpless as she cannot imagine a life without her son. Zunaira and her grandmother stay at home looking after Fahad. The third and fourth episodes were tense and emotional. Faris ditches his sister when she persuades him to choose a girl for marriage. The next day, she meets Laeeq who now has a broader idea about her family’s congested ambiance. The drama initially aired every Sunday at 9:10pm, then in Ramadan aired every Saturday and Sunda… The episode 2 of HUM TV drama Tarap went on air on 05-April-2020 and it proved a captivating one owing to its interesting story. For the 2006 Pakistani film, see, 2020 Pakistani romantic drama television series. Adil’s wife is in the family function which was discussed in the previous episode and he refuses to attend it when she calls him in office. The character of the grandmother is the most irritating in the drama. Adil shows his dark side once again when he refuses to accept gifts from his in-laws. Please log in again. Dil Nawaz; an intense story of a powerful love and the supernatural temptress, Raaz-e -Ulfat Review: Watch It For The Love Of Yumna Zaidi. Zunaira’s request to Adil to reconsider his insane decision gets a harsh reply that there is no place for Rabia in this house. Episode: 8. For many, she is an unpleasant character. Their efforts prove futile when Hania returns with Faris whose sight infuriates Adil. After its first few episodes, HUM TV’s Tarap became quite popular because of its characterizations, its relatability factor, and the return of Babar Ali, the man who helped steer Lollywood in the right direction in the 90s. Required fields are marked *. Saji Uddin She rescues herself contriving a lie. OST: Khurram Iqbal, Story so far: Latest 2020 Pakistani Drama: Tarap. Sometimes you get the main role, sometimes you don’t! The coming weeks will unfold the reality of that girl and many other things. Faiqa makes an apology to her husband as she was outside for the sake of their daughter but Laeeq is not willing to forgive now. He already has chosen his soul mate. Tarap was initially presented as a psycho-thriller featuring popular actors of today – Syed Jibran, Hiba Bukari, and Babar Ali. You can also suggest improvements so that we could write in a better way. Zunaira loves her old neighbor Faris, but Adil declines their marriage proposal, on a flimsy reason, more so puts him in the lock up and gets him beaten up by the constables. Adil returns home early as his meeting is canceled. [1] It is produced by Babar Javed and MD Productions and directed by Misbah Syed. It was then that the drama lost its plot, moving from one genre to another, ending up in a zone where it is unsure of its identity.

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