swgoh best rebel team

​GK + zBarriss: With 3 damage/support characters. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are lethal together. The only you’ll end up with is a giant headache. Pair him with an Old Ben lead and your opponents will rage when you manage to get off your Mind Tricks + Taunt combo. Ideally we would have our First Order or zMaul team in the second line, and our Phoenix here. Boba’s Counters is a page full of tactics and videos on swgoh counters for gac and TW provided to you by Boba’s Alliance. An awful aurodium character when first released but has been given a lot of love by EA to promote him. The first instinct most players follow is to use those crystals in purchasing packs to acquire more toons. This offensive beast can be farmed in arena. This team is also very good against CLS, so if you can save it and run other teams on defense it can be worth it. You have Old Ben with a healer and reviver, you have amazing damage, and deadly counter attacks with protection regeneration. Great guide. Same advices applies as before, but with JE you should be able to win versus much more enemies. If you don’t have captain han/old ben run Chaze (at the cost of your R1 team and zMaul counter), or GK/STH +1. However, Nihilus is just invaluable on offense to crack through tough GK+zBarriss teams, so only deploy this team if you have a zDooku. A lot of people have been thinking about creating a rebel team as of late for the Emperor event in order to unlock the exclusive Emperor Palpatine. With Windu we have a plethora of healers and ways to buff up and keep ships alive. Farm Rate (medium): If all you play is battles, while aimlessly unlocking and buying shards, you’re missing the bigger picture. Then EA gave him a rework and made him a staple for a rebel team with his excellent leader ability. Posted by 4 years ago. Look to fill up with Phoenix, zmaul, Nihilus lead, and Empire. Free to play players must capitalize on this if they want to create strong teams and level up. I currently have Ackbar 5/, Leia 5/, Hoth Rebel Scout 4*, Biggs 4*, and ST Han 4/*. Phoenix: Perhaps one of the best, even if low gp, defensive teams. The five best Rebels you can farm for Palpatine event are Leia, Ackbar, ST Han, Lando, Biggs. Have a Question you want answered on a Live Show? You can mix and match these teams as you wish, but just make sure to follow the principles of making a team that is easy for the AI, requires good characters beat, has heals, has a tank, has a form of turn meter manipulation, and possibly has a way to resurrect. Even if you’re spending money, the grind will always remain. This guy has an insane lead ability for rebels that can either hit multiple targets or attack multiple times. To build the best team possible for arena battles, it is best to read recent forums about how the new characters sync with the old. Fives isn’t bad but be careful because he doesn’t have a taunt ability. There are a few ways to run Nightsisters on defense, and if you have Nute Gunray available, it’s advisable to try and split them up: Mother Talzin Lead: Zombie Acolyte cheese team. ~18 days to 5* (recommended path only) It’s a very squishy team, however. Back when Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes first began, Chewbacca was the ultimate tank to have on your prime Arena team. If you see his blue meter is almost full and your toons have special attack abilities available, now would be the time to target Vader before he puts your team at a disadvantage. FTP players can gain the same level for a toon, it just takes much longer and requires determination and patience. And with more Ewoks come more fun compositions. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Thrawn Lead: With DT, Krennic, Shore, Tarkin/Storm. Game code and certain audio and/or visual material © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); Electronic Arts Inc. Luminara may be easy to farm but Vader takes patience and lots of grinding. You can still farm ships, just be careful not to waste crystals and time doing it. Using the Auto-Battle feature can help guide you through styles of play you might not have considered before. The turn meter gain is surprisingly hard to deal with. Cantina mode not only has many of the key characters shards hidden throughout it, but it also contains a wide variety of gear to strengthen those toons too. He has a 2 turn assist attack if omega’d which is good. This team isn’t much to write home about. The trick to completing the mode lies in not using your strongest toons during the beginning battles but utilizing the weaker characters you’ve collected. Farm Rate (low-medium): Third Line/Middle Zone Sith squads rely on leads and support, as with their tradition of master and apprentice. After the most recent update, who should i actually be spending time on farming, and should I substitute RG in for any of them? Not only does this speed up the leveling process, but it allows you to strategize your farming. It will trick the enemy into running a better team expecting that zeta. 22 days to 7* (recommended path only) Jedi – Visas is actually best used elsewhere: inside a Jedi team led by Grand Master Yoda (GMY). This list essentially builds itself, and you should be seeing a lot of it in TW and in the Fleet Arena. Requires zetas on MT unique and lead to really be good. I'm level 80 and have just started building a rebel team lol. ~42 days to 7* If the guild is evenly distributed between beginners and seasonal players, there should always be an abundance of gear being donated daily. However, it's the dark side Bounty Hunter teams who still reign supreme. For example, Darth Vader has some sick buffs. 10 days to 5* (recommended path only) Some players will have a Jawa team to run. That final combination (Asajj, MT, Daka, GK, + zBarris/Talia/Zombie) can be a brutal fight, and can be worth sacrificing your Zenarris team, with the upside of having a much better game against Troopers. 33 days to 7* SWGOH has been putting out new rebel characters faster than we can acquire and gear them. com Farm Rate (low): RELATED: 10 Underrated Characters From The Star Wars Games. *Bold text under farm rate is the recommended farm path*, Admiral Ackbar: A balance between the two is essential to get the most out of your toon. I’ve personally always followed Warrior Presents. 40 comments. It can be brutal to have to beat a GK+zBarriss or JTR squad now. ALL SQUADS AND LEADERS RANKED! Underestimating the value of a capital ship will only make farming a proper ship team more difficult. This is perhaps the best 2nd line team you can run. ~8 shards a day through cantina nodes (189 cantina energy spent on a 8-energy node at a 33% drop rate, no crystal refills) of 7-star toons is not really an indication, a better one would be their gear levels (how many G12 toons). So, it comes down to deciding what you want the last two spots to be. ~8 shards a day through cantina nodes (189 cantina energy spent on a 8-energy node at a 33% drop rate, no crystal refills) B2 doesn't taunt. Using buffs, de-buffs, and other special abilities in sync with other toons on your team will separate out the good teams from the great ones. Windu: Rex, Fives, Plo Koon, Jedi Conular, Ahsoka. The clone squad relies on teamwork and support. New players will have a difficult time ranking up in events, but the experience one can gain from playing them is worth the time. Swgoh Best Jedi Team 2020 TEXT_1. Farm Rate (low): A Sabine zeta makes this team very deadly, and try to gear them up to a combined 75k GP to really make opponents sweat. Each event will always have some sort of bonus, and if you can’t use the gear, donate to other members of your guild. Farm Rate (low-medium): The more times you spin a wheel, the better your chances are for getting more of the item you want. Consider the daily activities as a built-in grinding checklist. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has a lot of hidden tricks that casual fans don't know about. We try to keep the page as up to date as possible and have a team of multiple TW officers working on it on a daily basis. If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, you’d know there is a set class structure when entering a dungeon. This can be a total bitch of a team to beat if you are down to your last ships. If you want to save Thrawn for another team (or lack speed), make Tarkin the lead and bring in TFP or Royal Guard. For the longest time, players could shut down the game and come back in with a fresh start if things weren’t going your way. Events are a huge way for FTP players to unlock new characters while also earning gear and mods towards existing toons. Also doesn’t require Wicket/Logray (two hard farms). **Note: You really, really need the zetas on KRU Lead and Kylo for this to work. Darth Vader and the Emperor hit hard and fast, leaving no room for error. Has some trouble against the best JTR teams, but if you can Fracture and kill Rey, it still beats them relatively easily. There's a lot of choice here, which can make building an effective team difficult. Swapping characters and teams can help you overcome this disadvantage. Note: Regardless of the leadership, try and aim for a split, saving Acolyte and Zombie for offense under Nute Gunray. As stated in the intro, you want to make four defensive teams that don’t overlap themselves or your offensive teams. While the ability for one toon might give it more damage power, it could also provide protection for all the other toons on the team. December 25, 2018 4:09PM. My personal favorite is Luminara Unduli for beginner and semi-casual players. Farm Rate (low-medium): His abilities take advantage of Darth Revan and Bastila's abilities to debuff enemies, and he's specifically geared towards taking down Jedi. 10 shards a day if top 200 in arena (faster if you can get top 100 or better) ~4 shards a day through cantina shipement (189 cantina energy spent at a 10 energy catina node. A very frustrating team to beat with great abilities that are easy for the AI to use. Then put in your best team and go to town without the fear of having buffs and abilities thrown at you right away. The excitement is real, and if you enjoy ships as much as I do, it’ll be the first thing you’ll want to build up. This team is best against Light Side, Jedi, and Old Republic teams, with Bastila having bonus buffs if Jedi Knight Revan is on the enemy squad. The Sith Empire doesn't have many units (yet). FTP players may have to wait 3 to 6 months, but eventually, 95 percent of those toons shards will become available somewhere in the game. Often, the best strategy is to focus on a single team, and make your way from there. One which often flies under the radar is actually a mobile game partnered with Lucasfilm. ​Asajj Lead: This is my choice for the leadership zeta. Consensus: DO NOT FARM, Lobot: What is the best rebel team for arena? Before spending hours farming up the best ship team, focus on a capital ship and then on the rest of the team. This is your premium squad. This guide will tell you the recommended path to farm each rebel and also the time it takes to 5* or 7* them if you do not choose to use crystals to refresh. There’s been a ton of contention regarding what the devs were thinking when designing Galactic War in SWGoH. While farming Arena teams, players can take out two birds with one stone if they want to farm ships at the same time. 16. The rest is simple; just make sure you have Hera in that lead =). While there’s nothing wrong with this, it's still a gamble. You have heals, a good tank, crazy buffs, lots of stealth or assists, and just a great synergy team that requires a decent team (not just left over garbage) to beat. Connect with Danny on Twitter and Instagram @Dannyspacecoast.

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