spyro sunrise spring headbash the rock

Jump up the steps for a red Gem and take care of the Bullwhip Rhynoc (green) up top; the whip attack these guys have can be avoided by rolling with or , or by walking just within his range before moving back to dodge his whip. Don't go into the portal just yet, instead carry on through the level collecting more gems, then go talk to Moneybags who's standing next to a cage with a kangaroo in. She'll talk about moving the camera. Spyro Year Of The Dragon Sunrise Spring Home World Spyro appears in this level at the beginning of a new game. Move on to the left and flame the large Rhynoc there. Dragons Slide from side to side shooting the large scorpion constantly while avoiding his fire. what bad graphics.......did i really think that was cool back then? Underwater in the main area where you fought Bluto, there's another purple, red and green Gem and three more Bottles (three reds). Reach it, and Hunter will give you a Dragon Egg with Coltrane. On the other side are two Baskets (two purples) on your left and a green and purple Gem on your right. Destroy all the scorpions and boxes in here and grab the green key. You’ll also find two Vases. Hunter will give you the Egg in the gave. Surface on top of the water and talk to Snappy the Seal on the island: you’ll need 14 Eggs to open the Portal to Shell Beach. You will have over the 14 Eggs needed to open the portal to his world, so follow him in to Seashell Shore. Jump up to the next step in front of the Portal to Sunny Villa, and you’ll be confronted by Bianca. That's all we can get for now until we unlock Sgt. Keep away from the boss and sit still to fire some shots into him, then quickly Charge to dodge once he fires a shockwave. There's five Stars per lap, so you can miss one of them, but you'll want to try and hit them all in each lap to make it to first place. Welcome to a brand new adventure. Now head back over to the buildings from earlier and take the Whirlwind up again, then glide down into that opening with the portal for a gold Gem. You break it open just like with Spyro, except Sheila will stomp it open. Get the remaining gems around here and head back to the start of this mini-level. You can also Flame the racers when you get near them to temporarily slow them down. This way of getting the thief can be a lot more effective than actually charging into him. Sparx always recommends the order you should get the objects in, and I'll just use his orders because they work perfectly fine. Follow the islands back to where you entered the room and look left of the island with a Bullwhip Rhynoc to find a small ledge with a Basket (green) and a red Gem. Over to the left is another person called Citizen Paulus. Once they're all down again, Hunter gives you the last Egg 14/150: Lizard skating II. Named for its lengthened morning hours and the beauty of the rising sun, Sunrise Springs is mostly a lush, vast, flat area of soft golden green grass, tall sheltering trees, and harboring a crystal-clear pond that feeds several streams and small waterfalls. Jump up at the end onto the giant ramp we passed at the beginning, then walk up and glide off the end of it into an area with several Gems, one green, two red and two purple. Please login or register a forum account to post a comment. Once each challenge is completed, go through the doorway to get to the next one. Head over to the top left corner of the area and go through the red doorway. Now speak to Hunter and he'll teach you about gliding. Go through and talk to Mayor Leo. Lastly, swim up to the Dragon Egg on the seabed near Hunter’s position to hatch Bruce. Any heads lost in the lava will regenerate back where you found it. Fluffy will turn on the cloud generator and then give you the egg. Well, that level has neat music. Once you're done, leave the area and back in the main level, swim back down into the last room. Move Spyro above the crack and press Triangle twice. Ride it up to find Moneybags and pay him the 200 Gems which you should have at this point to activate the bellows. There's a Butterfly to eat here and replenish your health. Talk to Zoe who'll tell you about the powerup there. i can't talk cos my bedroom is a mess and so is every thing else in my house! Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro Reignited Trilogy. At the top here is also another portal which takes 20 Eggs to open. However this can mean that Rhynocs above will be able to hit you with their spades so watch out for them. You can now head on over to properly start the second Homeworld, Midday Gardens! Once you have 291 Gems and 4 Eggs, you can leave through the purple portal near Stoney. Charge these ones open with Square (PS) or X (XBO) to collect two Purple Gems. He'll tell you about Rhynocs and the Tiki Lodge. Head over to the right and talk to old Moneybags. Talk to Sebastian the Seal who is just in front of you. It appears you are using an old browser, as such, some parts of the Freeola and Getdotted site will not work as intended.

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