signs a priest is in love

Or else if you wish to live the traditional sense of priesthood, then forget all about her and stay ‘in’ the church. In my pad t experiences Baptists incline to be extreme / fundamentalists in their thinking. I do care about eliminating this man made rule and sllowing Gods love to flow as He intends..God Bless you Rita.

We had, what I believed was, a good friendship, building up trust over two years, sharing our faith and spiritual experiences until he overheard gossip in the church.

Reply to Jack the Seminarian…Hi Jack, I am story is the 100th on this website! Advise him to resign, marry you and serve God within the family setup. Once, there was walk around the city for stations of the cross. He is not the type to leave security and to go to the unknown. . For you, Jack, and for any other priest who wants to keep his vow of celibacy, this means being extremely careful and sensitive at all times to your reactions to women. In some countries, a priest having a concubine is tolerated, perhaps even expected, but that is not the case in the United States. He should look beneath the surface and see what hypocrisy he is creating in the priesthood. With this statement, they made homosexual priests the scapegoats in this crisis, even though they know pedophilia is a separate issue. Then why seminary? Priests and their wives were required to sleep in separate beds.

What about the vows and promises taken on the day of ordination? I still adore him but I believe what I feel now is mere affection. Very nice article but it’s not too nice when it’s your wife a priest falls in love with!

It’s about intimacy —  emotional and spiritual intimacy being equal to to the physical. He is a priest. He’s only JUST been ordained!

It may not be you he really needs; it maybe what you have that he really, really needs.

Women involved with these relationships can find their lives on hold sometimes for years only to find the relationship to be going nowhere. If you want to leave, just leave!”  But it’s not that easy.

(. Yet, some have managed to make it work. . I now have a relationship with Jesus I never knew existed. To get married and to be a religious person. Two wonderful things happened to you. The rest is a lot of baloney. What will the parishioners say? If a priest is unwilling to be honest and discuss the relationship with the one he loves, it is an indication that the relationship is going nowhere. Right time will come and he will fight for the love we shared. There’s no wonder some are so messed up! Now sin or no sin one cannot simply hide love. May God bless you!

I need to know as it might help me to move on…please please answer…thank you from Ana. I was able to enter a seminary just a week ago (P.S I’m a girl) because my college scholarship benefactor arranges a recollection for us scholars every year. Was the love for the girl just one time event or it might happen again? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have since repented and asked God for the forgiveness.

i married a perfectionist guy whom he is always right im always wrong, whatever i do for him is wrong, i can hardly move coz i dont know what is right for him, if i follow what he wants it will end up im wrong for him, if i dont im still wrong, if i ask him something, im wrong if i dont, im wrong, i dont know where to stand,or what he really want. But it is also a product of the environment in which priests live for all the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph of this section above.

He is wasting your time and you can imagine the scandal it will get you into and the consequent dent to your integrity!

I sent you a private email. They prefer people stay in a sort of perpetual childhood where authority is located in themselves and their religion in order to continue exerting control. Hey there! to find where the ultimate responsibility should be placed for this crisis.

It is a matter of faith and this whole analyisis about romantic love and priests is way off base. Mostly they have very little experience especially about relationships.

I think that I was the only one person who could make something for him. Sadly, their policy has been to be dishonest and deny it. Take those qualities you value in a man, and look around you to find a man who is available and who will respect your involvement in ministry. I am sorry to have appeared angry but I am very, very hurt and at times beyond consoling. Most probably the next general feeling would be that of a sin.

I need to talk to somebody, please, this is killing me…but I’m not ready to share it with the whole world. These people are looking for something more genuine and pure and they’ll find it in married priesthood. The transparency is both shocking and wonderful. Loving a priest is by far the most different thing I have ever experienced. You cannot be certain that the priest on whom you would shower your love would be able to or even willing to accept it, and your heart will ache for him for years. He’s also slipped up, revealing he knew I’d moved away from our old community and the only person who knew this was somebody who thought he didn’t like me so she never gave this information to him. I’ve never liked clergy men and it’s not a trend I’m about to start. Does your celibacy alone make you exceptional? A priest in love must keep it hidden and often the first person he tries to hide it from is himself.

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