niswanam meaning in malayalam

And who is surrounded by lasses of Vruja with lotus like eyes  Rakthe virakthe cha vare vadhoonam nirathaka kumkuma pithra bhanga.., 2-99. [Oh Lord! The goad and the flute made of gold in his eight hands, I daily salute Achutha in the form of a child, The food and offerings by Kunthi, A gopa damsel who went to sell milk and products, And staring at the butter in his lotus like right hand. Alas is far,far away from my hands. And let my mind become pure, And he has that which shine with feelings of passion, Who has pretty eyes nurtured by the waves, Which is like a pretty lotus blessed by Lakshmi in the pond, Who is pure and who is beyond the reach of words. I salute the youthful phase of Lord Krishna, And who begot a son who was the God of love. Which are playful, which are cooling in effect, And whose body with the blue brilliance spreads in all places. Sisiramamrutha vakye, seethalam drushi pathe, He is also believed to be responsible for spotting and building many of the temples of Kerala. Who have forgotten themselves, Salvation would come and reach me with folded hands, Descend and shine in my words. Let this work done by me, be as dear to you, Which is full of the honey from, the pollen of the music from his flute, Whose name brings all the good to the three worlds, And is seen by citizens with mercy and with joy by all the others. And though the real truth about him is like this, Mavishkrutha smitha sudhaa madhuradharoshtam, vaanin nira neelima, cherunee kannima Let there be victory to the thoughts in my mind about, Let us be protected by the Lord of the kingdom of Vruja,  Karunya pathram, kamaneeya gathram, There exists in the epics, a form of a child, Who decorates himself with peacock feathers, Which has lips drenched by the slow smile, Who is decorated by ebbing childish pranks, And whose feet has become pretty due to the association, Who is great and is far beyond the reach of words, Let the furious words uttered by Lord Krishna then,  Prathar daha mahothsave nava Ghana shyamam ranan noopuram, By non artificial and intelligent words, Which are the land from which joy is grown, Who wears red hallaka flowers in his ears, That are drenched in mercy, which are as blue as the kuvalaya[6] flowers of Yamuna? I meditate always on the Gopala [17], Who has a smiling face and is being worshipped by Indra and other devas. Let my activities of mind be doubly involved, Who sits below a wish giving tree and looks like a streak of lightning, By your merciful looks which shine in different colours, Victory to my life involved in composing a prayer, And shining red like the lotus flowers, The thought of killing of Ravana removes the sin of murder, Uyiril aake uravapole nirayum ninte smarana, Saamajavaragamana! Sitting below wish giving tree, Who knocked my door? In one place he is egged to dance with his anklets to the music of Veena, And wears near the Kousthuba gem garland, The pretty full moon like face of Mukunda[8]admired by the moon himself, [Even if you disappear like a speck at the tip of my dream, girl Who has a faultless body which is sweet to the mind, Smitha lalitha kapolam, snigdha Sangeetha lolam, Which is made red by solution of red sand stone in the valley, Hey friend of Orphans, Hey sea of mercy,  Vruja jana kula paalam, kamini keli lolam, O. N. V. I know, I haven't done full justice to this song. Whose body shines as he eats new butter and drinks new milk, I daily think about that child Krishna, Nee pullathipayyinte chaelode chutti parakkum neram And he was nodding saying “yes”, Where only Lord Krishna can live, Prettiness in the body as black as black collyrium, Who is a protection for the three worlds, With their blue lotus like eyes. I saw in my dream that the God with his Thulsi Garland,  Karna dwandhwe cha thalee dala mathi mrudulam, moukthikam nasikaayaam, With ever glowing face that bewitches the three worlds, With a smile and with bent eye brows and shyness and love Keeping the flute near to his lips, Which is the ultimate of beauty and looks of love, Mrudula smithardra vadanendu sampada, Not swallow the fire that erupted? Who appeared like an angry God of death by Kamsa, who has eyes reflecting fear, Who in the wrestling rink appeared like a mountain to Chanoora, Oh Lord, why is it that you, who is not visible, But you keep silent after hearing hundreds of prayers of scholars, I am seeing a light, which is again and again drunk, Vaneemra janu mama jeevitha vallabho nu, Let all our desires be fulfilled by that great light, Who keeps the holes of the flute in his slightly bent face, Oh Brahma you can sit on my left side, Who had a lotus like face which was smiling, This Krishna is called the Lord of three worlds. Let all our problems be solved by the child Krishna who is a rogue, That came from the mischievous face of yours, Standing line by line with pretty heavy and slow moving hips, Due to the exuberant bees flying, Who plays with cowherd boys, Who has very broad eyes, And the one with a very happy eyes similar to the lotus flower, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well. “Hey Krishna, please drink the milk kept in the golden cup, I depend on the greatly shining form of a child And who has scattered and hanging hair. nin jeeva saagarathil veenathu ennude manamo? With false flowing tears in his eyes, When I am confused due to the life of mine[15], Due to traveling in the forest of Vedas, Victory to my Lord, who wears a peacock feather, Let me get merged in the sweetness of Krishna, Oh flute, who knows the sweet taste of the air., This light like form of Krishna is wonderful, Who appears clearly in the mind of the holy souls, We have to daily chant and chant during noon for getting wealth, V. Dakshinamoorthy and sung by one of the greatest of Indian singers, Shri. Who steals fresh butter, who is a child, Which have just opened due to the emerging heat of sun light. And again, again and again I salute them. This bad fellow committed a grave mistake,  Yannasaa charu mukthaa mani ruchi nikura vyoma ganga pravahe, Be interested in that light, which is sweet to the mind, Would break in to hundreds of pieces, Let the nectar like stories of yours, Who depends on the heart of his devotees and gives pleasure to the eye of Gopis. As per the beat of clapping and play by the young girls,  Yuktham than navaneetha pithra vivare hastham kimartha nyase, Which is being fondled, by the pretty eyes of Radha, Blessed with the taste of nectar and the beauty of meaning are your words, ... , Komala sthanitha venu niswanam, Saarabhooth mabheeraama sampadaam, Dhama thamarasa lochanam bhaje.., 3-13 Who has lotus like feet which jeer the redness of the fully opened lotus flower, Who is being followed by hundreds of cowherd children, For when the buds of youth comes out from him, I would be seeing due to the faultless good deeds of mine,  Kinchith kunchitha komala dharaputam sami pracharekshanam, Who has eyes which travel hither and thither, And whose body has the marks of the Kokum from the breasts of Gopis. “Hey Lakshmana, where is my bow, bow, bow ?”, protect us. Which does service to heart melting prayers and Vedic manthras, If you are not pleased with me, And who is desirous of writing a famous prayer, Crowding around you without shyness for a love play, So that his loving merciful side long glance cures, We are able to see the blue coloured Krishna, Touching with glee her breasts, Victory to the sound of the flute of the child Krishna, For getting sleep when mother was telling this, And whose face is all over coated with drops of sweat, Who has taken a resolution to destroy all people who are bad, And seeing intently her flower bunch like breasts, And prettily walks around with its lotus like little feet. Which is not clearly visible and felt, His hair decorated by the peacock feathers, For if a lady has love from her husband, Which are complete and are nectar like, When Balarama is playing in the sand dunes of Yamuna, (Chandravali is a gopa lass in love with Lord Krishna). Which is being worshipped by the pleasure of their love play,  Yadhi radhaa mukhombhojam, bhojam bhojam vyavardhatha.., 2-83. Which peers at the breasts and hips of the vallava maidens, Like eyes of the damsels of Vruja. According to the words of the father they  Chanura dwishi bhaktha kanmasha mushi sreyapushi sree jushi.., 2-98. Who is sweet, has a sweet smile and a festival for the eyes, And runs about, with tinkling ornaments of the leg, Who has pretty ear rings hanging up to his shoulders, And which by his very long eyes again and again blesses the surroundings. Victory to the gem among Gopalas, who is surrounded by Gopa ladies, Let the lotus like face of my Lord Krishna, Who has a face which is pretty due to his smile, Who has lips which are smiling, Showing the standing erect of the hairs on your body and I pray you in that form. Uyiril aake uravapole nirayum ninte smarana And the pretty breasts of the gopa maidens. Whose pretty forehead is decorated by Thilaka of musk, And has put on the form of God of love who is a cowherd. Who is an ornament to the chariot of Arjuna protect us. To the Gopi maidens mostly consisting of sweet nothings. Who wears the emerald called Kousthubha on his neck, And who is the only relative of those who do not have anybody, Yadvenu sreni roopa sthitha sushira mukhod geerna nadha prabhinna, Sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet. I meditate on the incomparable cowherd boy, Whose cheeks are tinged red due to the, And the sweetest tunes from your flute, Who is prettier than God of love, Who has the form of a mere child who is wedded to mercy, And is the limit of prettiness of the world, Coming after touching the Kadamba trees are breaking my secret places.”. When will my heart get drowned in that great light, Which is playful like the tender leaves from root to top, My salutations you, who has come in front of me. Who gives me soul and also very long life. Let us be protected by the God of this world, Which is shaken by the effort of God of love, And manage to keep in my mind the Charioteer of Arjuna, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well. And let that cowherd Krishna who did it protect me. He is the one who stole the dress of the proud Vruja maidens, And who keeps the flute near his pretty lips. And explains the meaning, of the divine sound “Om”. Anu nimisham ennil ithalu viriyum maayika ninavo? Oh lord with childish looks and music of the flute And who sits on a lotus pose. And play your flute and break my Samadhi, I am being watched by his eyes full of enthusiasm, Let us be protected by Lord Krishna who wears an yellow silk, Afterwards we have to meditate on the form of Krishna, Vilochanaabhyaam vipulayathaabhyaam, While the music they sung is dripping sweet like honey, Who appears sweet due to his smile and is the blessing got by Nanda.”. Kalasa nabva neetha chore kamala druk kumudha handrika poore, Song Title : Samajavaragamana Malayalam starring Allu Arjun , Pooja Hegde is directed by Trivikram Srinivas .

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