nazarene local minister's license certificate

The seal and logo of the Church of the Nazarene are registered trademarks of the Church of the Nazarene, Inc. Use or reproduction thereof, without the expressed, written consent of the Church of the Nazarene, Inc. is strictly prohibited. The candidate completes the “Application for a Local Minister’s License” and submits a copy to make Christlike disciples in the nations. ❐ Renewal of Director of Christian Education License By Order of the Church Board of the _________________________ Church of the Nazarene. ❐ SPC—Special Service/Interdenominational (in active service in a manner not otherwise provided for, which must be approved by the district assembly upon recommendation by the District Advisory Board. Marriage and Divorce and/or Dissolution of Marriage, Amending the Covenant of Christian Conduct, Local Church Organization, Name, Incorporation, Property, Restrictions, Mergers, Disorganization, Local Church Evangelism and Church Membership Committee, Renewing the Local Church/Pastor Relationship, The Local Church Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Board, The Local Church Nazarene Youth International (NYI) Council, Nazarene Childcare/Schools (Birth through Secondary) of the Local Church, The Local Church Nazarene Missions International, Prohibition of Financial Appeals for a Local Church, The District Ministerial Credentials Board, The District Evangelism Board or Director of Evangelism, The District Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Board, The District Nazarene Youth International, The District Nazarene Missions International, General Assembly Functions and Organization, General Superintendents Emeriti and Retired, Committee on the Interests of the God-Called Evangelist, International Course of Study Advisory Committee, The Global Council of the Global Nazarene Missions International, General Guidelines for Prepration for Christian Ministry, The Resignation or Removal from the Ministry, The Restoration of Members of the Clergy to Church Membership and Good Standing, Investigation of Possible Wrongful Conduct and Church Discipline, Response to Misconduct by Person in a Position of Trust or Authority, Contested Discipline of a Member of the Clergy, The Dedication of Infants or Young Children, The Dedication of Infants or Young Children (for a single parent or guardian), Charter & Ministry Plans for Nazarene Youth International, Constitution for Nazarene Missions International, Bylaws of the Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International, Administrative Boards, Councils, and Educational Institutions. *This form may be used for different recommendations. ❐ PSV-PT—Pastoral Service Part-Time (associate pastor, performing pastoral service in connection with a church, in specialized areas of ministry recognized and approved by the appropriate governing, licensing and endorsing agencies) If granted a Local Minister’s License, will you faithfully follow the guidance of your pastor and avail yourself of m GA—General Assignment, Other (elected or employed to serve in the General Church) When the reception of this transfer is acknowledged by the receiving local church, membership in this local church will cease. ❐ Renewal of Deaconess’ License (536.6), The general superintendent having jurisdiction shall issue to the person ordained a certificate of ordination, bearing the signature of the general superintendent in jurisdiction, district superintendent, and district secretary. recommends to the (Ministerial Credentials Board) District Assembly for: ❐ District Minister’s License Secretary By vote of the Board this __________ (date), and by receipt of a letter of permission from the district superintendent this __________ (date). The general superintendent having jurisdiction shall issue to each licensed minister a minister’s license, bearing the signature of the general superintendent in jurisdiction, the district superintendent, and the district secretary.

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