momentum movie ending explained

I really enjoyed this it was slick fast paced.. and excellent cast and acting... Oh Lordy Lordy what turkey this was. He is a dirty cop who operates undercover under the name of “Teddy”. Sure, it has flaws. There is not much back-story for Natalie. He says that Lenny removed 12 pages to create a puzzle that he couldn’t solve. User Ratings If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your question.

He takes a photo of her and writes her name on it. So she goes back home and gives Sammy his ultimate test. That’s this cue for knowing that he too has a short-term memory loss issue. She reminds him that it is tattooed on his thigh. It’s Burt from Front Desk. Teddy also tries to trick Lenny into thinking that Lenny was indeed Sammy. A photograph (from a Polaroid camera) fades to white. Ultimately, it’s the cat-and-mouse game between these two performers that gives the movie its lasting, ahem, momentum. He has a memory of pinching his wife which he, for a second, thinks may have been the prick of an injection needle. Lenny goes in and sees the photos. He snaps back into the current reality. But then he would eventually get them mixed up.

She kisses him and says that she thinks he will.

The last thing he does remember is the attack from behind.

Teddy is not able to lie convincingly. One part of the story is in the forward direction.

The other part of the story is presented to us in the reverse direction. This leads to a cat and mouse game between them and does involve some interesting action sequences along with a solid female lead to be reckoned with. He instructs the girl to get up in the night after he has fallen asleep to go into the bathroom and shut the door. Natalie tells him that it is isolated and is perfect for the kill. Lenny was the guy with the short-term memory issues who overdosed his wife with insulin.

Kill him”. He shows Teddy a beat-up Dodd. All she’s seeing is a man in Jimmy’s suit. And I'm pleased to see a woman get top billing for a change. Lenny sees that Dodd has a gun and drives away but gets cornered. In this movie you get even two of those superwomen. People with this mental condition cannot make new memories – real or imaginary. Alex, a mysterious thief, is pulled in by her former partner for one last heist. Then realizes it’s the wrong door number. This is where Memento begins (after the reverse sequence of the gunshot). I am already starting to question the acting ability of some of the actors and I am only 10 minutes into the movie. Sammy and his wife were in a car accident.

He’s possibly making stuff up as he goes (like when he decides Teddy is going to his John G). It’s Dodd getting back. This is the pic that Teddy claims to have taken after Lenny killed the real John G who murdered his wife. Something wakes him up.

We are not told who the caller is. Lenny has forgotten this moment though. Teddy begins using Lenny to get his dirty work done for him. He wants to move on. |

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