facts about electric blue crayfish

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The crayfish will grow up very fast, providing you with a tank full of large invertebrates in no time. Procambarus alleni. We like to give them: For the occasional treat, you can feed your crayfish shrimp or blanched vegetables. The blue crayfish is frequently kept in freshwater aquaria. Sure enough, these creatures can be aggressive and territorial. The Electric Blue Crayfish is beautiful and very active. First, you must find out if you have a male or female Despite their delicate looks, Electric Blue Crayfish are very hardy. They adapt well to nearly any setting. These creatures do not tolerate high ammonia or nitrate levels. These creatures are also known as the Blue Crayfish, Sapphire Crayfish or Florida Crayfish, and are a unique addition to any tank.Â, An Electric Blue Crayfish with direct view of the cameraÂ, Those crayfish are florida endemic. These creatures are bottom feeders which means they’ll spend all of their time investigating and scavenging at the bottom of the tank. The cave should be relatively large. Feed small portions that they can manage. They ‘re most often found east of the longest river in the country, the Saint Johns River, however.Â. The crayfish will grow very fast and in no time will provide you with a tank full of large invertebrates. These antennae are used to help the crayfish smell their surroundings and taste their food. The key to helping your crayfish live as long as possible in order to always keep the water conditions in good shape. If brought into the tank, it can affect all of your invertebrae. Foltz II, Damis, Sadecky, Cyprych & Loughman (2016). Also known as the Blue Crayfish, Sapphire Crayfish or Florida Crayfish, these creatures are a unique addition to any tank. They are fairly slow and only a sick fish would be able to be caught by the crayfish. As long as you stick to the following parameters, these creatures should have no problem adapting. These are very active creatures that love to explore and do not spend all of their time under rocks. Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. There is detailed pictures and explanation on the They look like very small lobsters, and make interesting pets when given proper care. You can continue to raise the babies with foods like spirulina, baby brine shrimp, and pellets. Unlike other invertebrates, Electric Blue Crayfish aren’t shy! However, because they live in many different types of Florida environments, you’ve got some generous parameters to work with.Â, These crayfish can usually be found at the Saint Johns River or at smaller tributaries in the area.

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