blue jay synchronicity

When you become attuned to numbers presented along your path, your experiences of synchronicity will exponentially increase. The grill windshield bumper and even tire rims. To a hollow shell Then one morning I go to my truck and he is in side the window had been left down a little well I hurry and let it down all the way and he flies out. The Foundation to Creation is Language. Map to Delphine's. I really appreciate it and hope all will be well for you and your girlfriends’ future and success. By the time I got back in the truck (my dad’s truck), id just accepted that my dad was somehow sending me these creatures. Creating, nurturing, and activating a community of disruptors. A big idea that you aren’t acting upon. I don’t look for these things but it has stuck out too me. I want to bed that night and could not sleep thinking about the bluejay as I drifted off before my airline flight the next morning for business. Numbers are one of the clearest and most often used methods our spirit guides and higher selves communicate messages to us. And it’s gone the second he flew away. After reading your story is confirmation that my baptism was ordained by the holy spirit. I only had time to move it to a sheltered spot in the tall grass before it took its last breath. Alternatively, this bird heralds a phase of new spiritual growth. Double numbers (22, 55, etc.) Well, now to come full circle (I mentioned the Weed thing mattering, here it is) one day I decided between us that we would celebrate for no reason and buy a Bong. Something else to consider: 11 and 33 each carry their own translation, of course, but together, they form a kind of context in overall meaning. I was on my porch when I was drinking my keeps getting close and I was wondering what that meant..because more started to come.. Home About My Account My Cart. Always in pair, not sure what’s the message but the month of April was very difficult for me, close cousin seriously ill, nephew was kill and lots of sadness around me. The blue jay was my sperital totem. People with Jay totem are assertive and understand the proper use of power. “Geez, that just reminded me, I am reading a great book about the seeds of liberalism and conservatism that I’ve been meaning to tell you about. The THC content ramps up, for those of you who aren’t educated on the matter, and the brain undergoes deeper stages of euphoria. Love this….reason being…I was water baptized a year ago…and it was done by someone very dear to me. I remove mice and flies from my house, don’t even kill spiders. Thanks, You may be focused on your goals and have your path all laid out, but another route may be more natural, or more beautiful. The Hawk enters the picture now as a bird of prey. Hope this one didn’t strike fear in your heart upon first glance. Today, a blue jay landed on the air conditioner in my window. And this Blue Jay kept flying around my window. Size Fat Quarter Half Meter Meter Quantity. They need to make firm choices and then follow through. Been doing it for awhile. God bless you. Thank you for sharing this:). One final chance. I then had a series of dreams. The window was open and was close enough we could practically touch them. Today I happen to see a Jay and wondered what sign it was trying to show me. Thomas Paine (left) and Edmund Burke. Also, I had been driving for hours and it had never rained that day, nor did I experience any more rain that day. It’s up to the receiver to use their best judgment and intuition as to the contextual specifics while not allowing ego to get in the way, say, if you’re hoping for a certain answer. I kind of brushed it off as my mind grasping for things in my grief. Hi, new to this however I did a saging for positive energy I opened the window to my bedroom and 5 blue jays amongst sparrows landed on my front yard. So that nothing is well, He drags himself I will NEVER FORGET THIS EXPERIENCE. Really? I had a car in front of me, behind me, and one oncoming in the other late. In general, Jay’s symbolism teaches lessons of adaptation to any situation while learning quickly. It’s hard but they are definitely a significant reminder that we shouldn’t forget we’re never alone or never heard by heavens/God himself(whom ever you may believe in) I believe we get signs bc we need the power of the Devine itself. They have been ignoring me. She turned my life around and only brought light into my life. My little girl Chihuahua passed may8th18 we had her seance she was 6 weeks old she was 4 1/2 yr old she was my child did not look at her as a dog she was so smart sweet and protective against me n my husband we was mommy n daddy to her. The last 3 feathers I’ve found have all been blue scrub jay tail feathers. This fun website offers you all kinds of affirmations for all kinds of purposes. And a final goodbye. This has been a very sad Christmas, my heart was broken by a family member that I love deeply. We had instantaneous clashes over simplistic things. My mother passed away 6/18/08. Jay totem people are intelligent and experienced problem-solvers. It did distract me and made me curious why it kept fluttering back and forth. I completely understand as I have accidentally hit and killed other animals (sadly, more than one) with my car. I love it. Love the Downs Family…. Naturally I was very sad. Like the Bernese Mountain dog, this type of bird in your vision also demonstrates that anything of value, such as spiritual growth and relationships, takes work. My mother passed away a week ago.she loverd natutre.SHE WAS THE MOST AMAZING MOTHER FREIND.THE ABSOLUTE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Thank you for sharing this story this was exactly what I needed to read, There is a snow storm just finishing up here.. almost 10 inches have landed and it is still snowing lightly, I’m sighting in my living room with my daughter when I here a big thud, a blue jay crashed into the window I was facing.. 1111 x 1111 1234321 [234 ] What do you think? Sometimes feeling grounded and sometimes not. The number 2 is about having faith and courage. The blue Jay didn’t die on impact but supposedly had believed to have broken its wing and leg. I relate my story to thisvbecause my mother gave me up to foster care and growing up I had a little hatred towards her and I think it was a little too late then because I had said some really mean things to her and she she died a week later I was never able to say I’m sorry I love her I was never able to hug or kiss her I was a thousand miles away from home because of foster care they shipped me out of state and I had made a life there and I had no way of getting to her after her death I started seeing Blue Jays and now I’m back home and I’m able to see my mother’s grave and when I returned home there was 5-6 Blue Jays on the tree next to our porch and then I haven’t seen them again why? it just happened. My anisishinabe name is bluejay woman ….most people who know say this is me to a t….its so weird lol. Five were on my fence eating the other day. So blue Jays bring spirit and hope to people that are screaming crying for help. The hawk goes to town on the Blue Jay because its time to release its splendor was yesterday. When you have a green bird of this species dream, it is symbolic of the healing of an old wound. Make sure that you visit. A willow branch Alternatively, this distant cousin of the raven in your dream signifies a transition into a new phase in your life. Yesterday Nov 6, I was overcome with thoughts and feelings of this life and all that has happened and where there is so much struggle in my life. So because of that I found this article and your comment. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, we decided to take some time apart. I would spend all my spare time in the library reading books by people who have overcome impossible situations. For entertainment purposes only. The 1st two times were within two weeks. I want to give a background of my time here. 777 i’m not really sure how to tell if the jay is my animal totem, but here’s something i’ve never really taken into consideration as possibly important before. I’m so sorry to hear about that, it is a pretty harsh world out there. What could this mean?? Good Morning ,Good Afternoon, Good Evening to ALL. I literally never see shooting stars. But, within the last 2 months I have had 3 visitations from blue jays. What looks like he’s trashing the Blue Jay he’s actually helping to release its inner splendor. A BlueJay appeared in my house, literally…when I saw it, it was flying from the west, from the kitchen area… no open doors or windows, and the fireplace was lit with the front covered by a screen. Falling to the ground In this case, Steller’s Jay meaning reminds you that it only takes a few words to say what you need to say. He was feasting on leaves and soil, we looked at each other and it did not deter either one of us. I looked up the page on what it meant to see red cardinal and it told me all of the good things about it and exactly at 2:22 PM which was three minutes ago, I came to this link that said something about sL synchronicity and numbers. Find more ways to bring this light to others. Thank you! Required fields are marked *. Im always seeing 234 and 1234 on clocks, addresses on a city bus thats driving by i mean i am seeing these two sets of numbers EVERYWHERE seriously tho can someone please reply and let me know whats the meaning of this, Ok my birthday is 11.11th sometime I feel like play 111 in lottery to see if am lucky wat u think I should do. I have been feeling overwhelmed and afraid that I won’t succeed. I pulled behind a gas station and the moment I stopped a blue jay landed on my mirror and we stared at each other for about 10 seconds before he flew away. Not sure of the connection. In other words, Jay meaning shows you how to use the power of intelligence and courage. For almost 8 years now I’ve been witnessing 111 222 333 444 555 “666 twice” 888 999 and more recently 911 187 and 47 all over the environment in which I’m in. 25 thoughts on “ Synchronicity Through Numbers: Signals from Source ” Tammy Mcgee March 2, 2019 at 12:15 pm. Maybe you are scared of something, change possibly? Folks with this spirit animal totem rarely become flighty or nervous and easily stay grounded. But then a jay landed on the pump in my yard, right in front of the kitchen window. My mother passed away recently so it may have been a sign – not sure. Last night I cried out to the Lord and asked him if this is what he ordained that I be baptized by him or was it done in the flesh..( lots more to story) anyway today a blue jay flew right near my window sat there for a few seconds then flew away…then afterwards it rained for the rest of the day. I was driving one cloudy day, I’m a truck driver, engrossed in thought, and decided to pull behind a gas station because my thoughts about God were too much to continue to drive. You’ve just shown me affirmation from god that I’m doing the right thing. It’s there still, bathing in the light of my selenite tower. I do and i cant determine what the message is.. The Blue Jay launches I was shooting some photos of the cliff when I noticed a blue jay that kept hopping from one stone to another, almost like he was trying to get my attention. What appears like death is merely a rebirth into another phase of living. As if all of these things weren’t strange enough, on the night he died, it was actually early morning, about 20 mins after, I was standing outside just looking at the stars and I saw a shooting star. You see 22 and 222 when you are in a position to begin tangibly bringing seeds of thought into the material plane. Just like the Blue Jay appearing to you so will the clues to your way out. My son passed away 3 years ago he was only 29. It ate the trail mix right out of my hand for several minutes. When 111 appears, pay special mind to your thoughts as you are currently in a vibration to manifest—for better or for worse. After the second one I am convinced the universe is sending me messages.

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